The Global Success of Freedom

The long term Global success of Freedom in the World will be based on the unique ability of the United States to remain the World leader in advanced research, development of space, aircraft and Military technology.

Our allies in Europe are dismayed by the recent Presidential cancellation of the European missile defense system. This monumental catastrophic long-term mistake will impact the future security of Europe, the United States, and the Western Hemisphere.

When this cancelation is coupled with the decreased number of the F-22 Raptor Fighter Aircraft (is the most advanced fighter in the world) from 700 to 187 with only an additional 36 F-35 Lightning Fighter Aircraft, a serious gap will exist in American Security.

It is only the ingenuity and creativity of our society that keeps freedom and the rule of law alive, our failures to understand China’s long-term desires in the Pacific basin and China’s persistent movement into Central and South America is a cause for concern. Using their $500 billion dollar revenue reserve the Chinese are buying their way into Central and South America. The recent $400 million dollar gift to Costa Rica resulted in Costa Rica’s support for China over Taiwan in the United Nations. This has resulted in the Taiwanese business community rapidly being replaced by China as an economic supplier.

Our enemies, such as Iran, Al Qaeda, and the American Capitalistic hater Hugo Chavez need to be addressed through education of the Citizens of the United States. Hopefully, you will become a member of the American Security Council Foundation and help our efforts to support freedom and the rule of law throughout the Globe.

Warmest Possible Regards,

Dr. Henry A. Fischer
President and CEO

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