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The American Security Council Foundation is an organization whose sole purpose is to educate and inform Americans and our political leadership about the global challenges to the national security, economic security and moral leadership of the United States. To this end, the ASCF sponsors research, holds conferences, and publishes books, monographs and articles. Distinguished scholars, policy makers, lawmakers and citizens participate in these activities. The American Security Council Foundation has had a profound impact on the history of the United States and its global leadership role. In fact, it is difficult to think of an important foreign policy or national security program since World War II where the Foundation did not have a prominent role. We depend on the support of individuals across the nation to achieve these goals.

As a member of the American Security Council Foundation, you will join thousands of like-minded individuals across the United States who share in the common belief that “Peace Through Strength” should be a leading principle in American foreign policy.


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You can also join the American Security Council Foundation by sending a check or money order to:
American Security Council Foundation
P.O. Box 781040
Sebastian, FL 3297