John Engalitcheff – Leader and Benefactor of the ASCF

Ronald Reagan was right when he presented John Engalitcheff the prestigious Gold Eagle Pin in 1984 for the peaceful destruction of the communist party. Remember, August 21st, 1991 was when Gorbachev dissolved the Communist party and distributed the party’s land to the Soviet people. This was the American Security Council Foundation’s Strategy of Peace Through Strength that resulted in the peaceful dissolution of communism.

I was with a group of Conservative Leaders in the White House Blue Room who were about to receive the Gold Eagle Pin from President Ronald Reagan for the peaceful destruction of the Soviet Union when I observed that the experience proved overwhelming to John Engalitcheff.

During the Awards Ceremony, John Engalitcheff collapsed at Reagan’s feet in the Blue Room and was later transferred to the Oval Office to wait for an ambulance. I observed President Ronald Reagan’s tender words comforting John Engalitcheff saying ‘‘Don’t worry, we just want you to get better’’

John Engalitcheff was a major contributor and benefactor of the American Council Foundation. Some twenty years later his donation has kept the fires of freedom, rule of law and democracy alive through the American Security Council Foundation’s strategy of promoting Peace Through Strength.

John Engalitcheff a major contributor to the American Security Council Foundation, whose Peace Through Strength initiative became a cornerstone of Reagan’s defense policies. Yes, Engalitcheff’s efforts contributed to the demise of the Soviet Union and is presently protecting world freedom, rule of law and democracy.

John Engalitcheff well deserves the rank of founder and benefactor of the Strategy of the American Security Council Foundation.

Dr. Henry A. Fischer
President & CEO

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