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#1 Law enforcement personnel represent the rule of law.

#2 Reporting suspicious behavior to law enforcement is a way to help protect our freedoms.

#3 It is important that we don’t take for granted that freedom without law, without some infrastructure of order, can quickly descend into turmoil and anarchy.

#4 Firefighters are primarily responsible for fighting hazardous fires, but they also work as rescuers, saving people from disasters such as collapsed buildings and car accidents, and providing emergency medical services when needed.

#5 Firefighters played a vital role in the rescuing of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country.

#6 Most fire stations have their firefighters working 24 hour shifts, and some may even work 48 hour shifts.

#7 EMT’s provide emergency medical treatment to persons that are injured or acutely ill, and transport about 16 million patients by ambulance annually.

#8 There are three different levels of EMTs that require specific training. EMT- Basic, EMT- Intermediate, and Paramedic. The Paramedic is the lead member of the team and is trained in advanced life support.

#9 Law enforcement, military, and emergency response units never rely on canines to assist in a range of security, protection, and public safety efforts.

#10 A highly trained canine was part of the raid on Osama bin Laden.