Energy—The Selling of America

As you know America faces an economic crisis of monumental proportion. This crisis could be greatly reduced by stopping the 2 billion dollars per day that this nation spends overseas for oil to our foreign energy competitors.

Within the boundaries of the U.S. we are blessed with a vast 100 year supply of low carbon natural gas. Low carbon gas is called methane or C4 that releases 40% less carbon into the atmosphere than the complex oil hydrocarbons.

Over one million jobs can be created by expanding the world’s largest energy sources that are within the borders of the United States. The United States has the largest energy resources (coal, natural gas and oil) of any country in the world, including Russia. Natural gas could be the long sought after fuel that is readily available—and less intrusive to our environmental concerns. New forms of energy are being developed for the future but our own natural gas will bridge any gap until they are developed.

We will, in the near future have economically viable and safe solar, wind and nuclear sources of energy. For instance, France has safe nuclear reactors that produce 75% of their energy and has operated safely for decades.

We have the ability at the present time to radiate and then cool spent nuclear fuel rods and then reuse them as another source of energy—storage of spent fuel rods is no longer a problem. Small nuclear reactors similar to the ones on our aircraft carriers can produce 80 times more energy than a small city.

In over 40 years nuclear energy has proven to be a completely safe form of energy. Compared to the number of people killed on I-95 in Florida every day, nuclear energy looks extremely safe.

By converting our 2 million plus commercial diesel trucking fleet over the next 2-5 years could cut over 50% of the importation of foreign oil. The time of conversion would be accelerated by the trucking industry having a tax write off for the cost of the conversion of new trucks from oil to natural gas (see the Pickens Plan).

The problem of energy supply is not that it can’t be done or should not be done; it’s the present U.S. Government’s unfair restrictions on energy and the environmental movements that are exerting unreasonable control over the permitting process. We all need to work together to create more jobs and a better economy.
Hydrocarbon deniers may be well intentioned; however we are a long way from renewable forms of energy. New forms of energy that have been developed and are now being put to use are relatively small—wind, solar are making somewhat of a contribution but not nearly enough to depend on as our main source of energy. We are still dependent on oil and coal until new forms of energy are viable.

Currently the present problem in the Gulf of Mexico is being solved and once again the Gulf will return to a productive environment. We will need to continue deep water drilling and drill closer to shore where reserves have been discovered. The European’s have been drilling in deep water for years—we should follow their successes.

We should remember 30% of our petroleum supply comes from the Gulf of Mexico. For the economic and military security of the United States we should immediately allow near shore drilling and shortly follow the European design for deep well drilling.

Foreign oil imports bankroll dictators who reinvest our money that directly supports terrorist groups–that despise our freedom and way of life. Our export dollars buy high-tech weapons to fill their arsenals and that help them undermine our allies. Our oil dollars then go to fund anti-American propaganda efforts. We are literally giving our enemies the means to attack our people and destabilize our economy.

The freedom of the world rests with a strong, secure Western Hemisphere anchored by the United States of America’s home fueled military.

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