Day 3 of our Step Up America: Student Ambassador Summer Camp

Day three of our Step Up America: Student Ambassador Summer camp focused todays activities on learning more about how our military protects our freedoms. The students had an opportunity to visit the U.S. Army recruiters office and the U.S Navy recruiter office. Our presenters were Staff Sergeant  Javik Grach from U.S. Army and Cassie Jenkins, MM2 from U.S. Navy. They both gave a great talk about the different career opportunities that are available in the Army and Navy, cleared up any misconceptions about their respective branches, and detailed what their training was like when they first started. They talked about what made them want to join the branch of the armed forces that they are currently in. Both answered questions that our group of students had prepared. Next we all made our way over to the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville, FL. Now that was an experience! Our tour guides were both veterans and they were such a pleasure to talk and interact with. They led us to the various exhibits and detailed the stories behind each aircraft that was shown to us.

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