Day one

The first day of our Step Up America: Student Ambassador Summer Camp was a success! The first thing that we did in the morning was go over how Local Government works. We conducted the “classroom” activity at Franklin T. Degroodt Public Library in Palm Bay, FL. The afternoon was spent at City Hall where we met with several different departments. The first department that we meet with was Growth Compliance. Ms. Elizabeth Beam and here team were so informative! They talked about zoning and what can and can’t be built on certain zones among other topics. Next we meet with Mr. A Pool the Code Compliance Manager. After meeting with Mr. Pool our group headed over to the Palm Bay Police Department where we visited with Luetenant Steve Bland of the Palm Bay Police Department. He was kind enough to give us a tour of the department! He showed us the 9-1-1 dispatch room, and even the jail cells. After our tour of the police department, we made our way over to the City Managers Conference Room where we meet with City Manager Gregg Lynk. He is so passionate about his career and he gave our group very important information about how local government works and how all city departments work together to better the community. Next we made our way over to the Mayor’s office where we spoke with Mayor William Capote. He gave our group of kids great insight on what his role is as Mayor and what he does on a day to day basis. After meeting with the Mayor. We had a presentation from Julie Dimming, who is from Palm Bay Utilities. She talked about water conservation and what we can all do to help reduce the amount of water we use in our day to day lives.  A full day of great learning for the students.


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