Southwest Middle School- See Something, Say Something

Here is last Fridays visit to Southwest Middle School (Palm Bay, Fl). We gave the school TWO “See Something, Say something” banners!! We want to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper authorities.    


Long Distance Operator: 1847-1922 March 1876: in the attic of a Boston boarding house, two young scientists were working at top speed. One was a Scottish-born teacher of the deaf, Alexander Graham Bell; the other was an American, Thomas A. Watson. Following Bell’s instructions Watson had constructed the first crude telephone, but the results were disappointing. Sounds came over the …


(Sebastian, FL) The American Security Council Foundation organized its very first poker run on April 7th, 2018 with the help from American Legion Post 39 in Vero Beach, FL. This Fundraiser was put together to help support our educational program “Step Up America: A Call To Good Citizenship”. This program is designed to teach our youth how to become responsible …

Video: FREEDOM- By John McIntosh

As Americans, we value the principles laid out by our founders in the Declaration of Independence, the framework of the Constitution, and the freedoms specifically listed in the Bill of Rights. Freedom is the one priceless possession equal to all Americans. Here are a few words by our Director of Operations- John McIntosh

IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY: Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Explorers: Sacagawea, 1788-1812 Lewis, 1774-1809 Clark, 1770-1838 When President Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and a company of men up the Missouri River and into the terra incognita of the lands newly acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, the young United States already had a Constitution, but it lacked an epic vision. It had a government but no real …