What is the American Security Council Foundation?

This organization has existed to serve all citizens of the United States of America since 1958. We have worked hand in hand with our Presidents to ensure the security of our nation and to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our “Peace Through Strength” initiative continues to this day with our support of The Franklin Project that educates our youth on the importance and meaning of good citizenship and patriotism. Visit stepupamericaprogram.org to see the extremely important work that is being done to ensure that we remain the greatest country on earth. Future generations depend on those of us that have experienced the challenges to world peace and direct threats of our country to educate them on being diligent in love of the United States and its freedoms. It is our freedoms and strengths that make us a target for the parts of the world that suppress their people. If our children do not understand the value of good citizenship and patriotism by being taught how the foundation of our country came about the strength of the United States is in jeopardy of unraveling.

The mission of the American Security Council Foundation is to support activities and programs that promote and strengthen national security, economic security and moral leadership of the United States of America.

We accomplish our mission in a bipartisan manner with the focus on public policy advocacy, promotion of freedom, democracy, human rights and fair free market economics by emphasizing the importance of peace through military, economic and diplomatic strength.

Our role is to educate and inform Americans about the global challenges to the national security, economic security and moral leadership of the United States. To this end, the ASCF sponsors research, holds conferences, publishes books, monographs, and articles. Distinguished scholars, policy makers, Congressmen, and citizens participate in these activities.

As a 501 c (3) organization your financial contributions to our on going mission is tax deductible.