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Local coffee company gives back to those who serve

By July 13, 2017

Region: North America

Topic: Bipartisanship

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Eric Hadley is an engineer, and also a veteran. When he found himself suddenly out of a job in June 2016, he took that unexpected event as an opportunity to do something he's always wanted to do; establish a company that gives back to military members and first responders.


Hadley is now the CEO of Got Your Six Coffee, a business that turns around and donates its proceeds to non-profits around the country that help veterans and service members.


The name Got Your Six comes from the military term for "got your back". The company's logo, an octopus, represents the eight different branches of service that Got Your Six benefits; Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Law Enforcement, EMTs and firefighters.


To Hadley, coffee was a practical choice. "400 million cups of coffee consumed in the United States every day," Hadley said. "And if I can capture a small percentage of that and do good with it, to me that's what it's all about."


Eventually, Hadley wants to establish his own non-profit called the GY6 Foundation, that will target issues like homelessness and suicide among veterans. But until he has the revenue to get the non-profit up and running, the proceeds from Got Your Six Coffee go to other non-profits established to help service members.


One of those is Pieces of Home here in Springfield, which sends care packages to deployed troops. Hadley's coffee also helps Heroes and Horses out of Montana and Blue Line Bears in Florida.


"I just want to use coffee, the necessity of coffee, as a catalyst to make a positive change in my community and my country," Hadley said. "So if I can target those groups and show appreciation and let them know that hey, even though there's a lot of negativity out there, there's also a lot of positivity and there's a large community that's standing behind them to support them."


Hadley said it was important to him to include firefighters, law enforcement officers and EMTs in his mission.


"They put themselves in danger to protect us," he said. "You may not like them or you may have a bad opinion about them, but at the end of the day, they're there helping you."


Got Your Six Coffee officially launched in December 2016. Since then, Hadley says the support from the community has been overwhelming. But so far, his favorite part of the business is inspiring his young son to help others.


"To be able to show him that he can go out, follow his dreams, turn his dreams into a passion and make a difference," Hadley said. "That he can help people and do good, for me that's probably the most rewarding thing right now."


Photo: Got Your Six Coffee co.

Source: Kate Allt from KY3 news

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This entry posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2017 a31 01:07 PM and is filed under Bipartisanship.