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U.S. Moves Attack Drones to South Korea

By March 14, 2017

Region: North America

Topics: Emerging Threats, National Preparedness


The U. S. is moving attack drones to South Korea, the military says, amid continuing concerns about North Korean missile tests.


The Gray Eagle unmanned aerial systems will be permanently stationed at Kunsan Air Base, 112 miles south of Seoul, United States Forces Korea spokesman Christopher Bush said in a statement, first reported by Stars and Stripes, a military newspaper.


It’s part of a broader plan to deploy a company of the attack drones with every division in the U.S. Army, Bush said.


The drones add "significant intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability to U.S. Forces Korea and our ROK partners," Bush said.




Photo: © A U.S. Army MQ-1C Warrior UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), or drone.

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This entry posted on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 a31 08:39 AM and is filed under Emerging Threats.