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Tillerson: Iran complying with nuclear deal but is 'leading sponsor of terror'

By UPI Com April 19, 2017 @ 12:13pm

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that although Iran is complying with the nuclear agreement, the Islamic republic is still a "leading state sponsor of terror."

Tillerson made the comment in a letter he sent Tuesday to U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan in which he suggested an evaluation of whether sanctions should be reinstated.

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Russia's military buildup in Arctic puts U.S. on alert

By MSN News April 19, 2017 @ 12:09pm

Russian President Vladimir Putin has never been one to pass up a photo-up, and his latest candids come from the icy Arctic. He was photographed in March pensively walking among glaciers, reports CBS News’ Jonathan Vigliotti.

The Kremlin has also previously released video of reindeer-riding Russian soldiers. It’s all part of the unveiling of the country’s crown jewel: Russia’s sprawling Trefoil military base, located just outside the Arctic Circle. It can house 150 troops and warplanes.

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ASCF Director of Operations' Message

By John McIntosh - ASCF Director of Operations April 18, 2017 @ 9:51am

The American Security Council has had a profound impact on foreign policy and national security through its strategy of Peace Through Strength, which was credited by Ronald Reagan for winning the Cold War. The current administration has demonstrated its willingness to use our military to display a position of strength as is evident with the recent events in Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea. 

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North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war

By MSN News April 18, 2017 @ 9:44am

North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador accused the United States on Monday of turning the Korean Peninsula into "the world's biggest hotspot" and creating "a dangerous situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out at any moment."

Kim In Ryong told a news conference that "if the U.S. dares opt for a military action," North Korea "is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S."

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Despite talk of a military strike, Trump’s ‘armada’ was a long way from Korea

By MSN News April 18, 2017 @ 9:40am

As tensions mounted on the Korean Peninsula, Adm. Harry Harris made a dramatic announcement: An aircraft carrier had been ordered to sail north from Singapore on April 8 toward the Western Pacific.

A spokesman for the Pacific Command linked the deployment directly to the “number one threat in the region,” North Korea, and its “reckless, irresponsible and destabilizing program of missile tests and pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.”

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