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The History of Peace Through Strength

Click on the links below to view documents highlighting the history of Peace Through Strength.


Letter from President Ronald Reagan - October 15, 1981

A letter written to former President John Fisher of the American Security Council regarding the Peace Through Strength Resolution and it's upcoming vote in both the House and the Senate. 


Peace Through Strength Resolution - March 8, 1983

U.S. Senate Concurrent Resolution 15 (1983)


Letter from President Ronald Reagan - September 15, 1983

A letter written by President Reagan promising his support of the Coalition for Peace Through Strength.


National Peace Through Strength Week September 22, 1984

A statement released by President Reagan marking the beginning of National Peace Through Strength Week and denoting the importance of Peace Through Strength.


Peace Through Strength Platform - September 6, 1995

House Concurrent Resolution 100 (1995)


Peace Through Strength Platform (Post 9-11 Revision) - Current

The platform of Peace Through Strength, as revised following the events of September 11, 2001.