What does it mean to be an alert citizen?

The government cannot do everything. Securing America and keeping it safe and strong is a partnership between citizens and their government, their states, their cities, and their communities. Families should have an emergency plan in place, and make sure that each family member knows what they should do in case an emergency strikes at home.
DHS preparedness resources
FEMA website
DHS and FEMA’s Ready Campaign

At School

Parents, kids, boards of education, administrators and teachers can all pitch in to make our schools more secure and more civic-minded. Just like at home, schools have emergency plans that students should be familiar with.

Out in the World

Everyone has a part to play in protecting our freedoms and ensuring our security. DHS introduced the “If You See Something, Say Something™” campaign in an effort to increase awareness and inspire people to get involved with the security of their communities. Individuals can take an active role in homeland security by being alert to their surroundings and reporting suspicious activity to local law enforcement.
DHS website
FBI Kids Website


The internet is a vital tool of communication and commerce. In today’s modern world, most of us don’t know what we’d do without internet access. We rely heavily on computers, smartphones, and the internet for business, entertainment, communication, banking, and even to store things like medical records. To keep our information secure, we must all take certain precautions to protect ourselves online.
DHS guidelines for kids and cyber security
National Cyber security Alliance suggestions
Staying Safe Online with Cyber Security Information