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Obama wary of generals, admirals commanding in war

Published by: The Washington Times


As the four armed forces chiefs testified in the Senate about the national security dangers of mandated budget caps, Sen. Lindsey Graham asked each officer if he had discussed the readiness crisis with President Obama.


Their unanimous answers before the Senate Armed Services Committee last week underscored a key aspect of the Obama presidency, noted by his own past defense secretaries and, in a recent disclosure, a former NATO commander: The president maintains a wary approach in dealing with the four-star generals and admirals who direct his wars.

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Senate panel moves to protect space program from political winds

Published by: Source: USA Today

WASHINGTON — With a new president on the horizon, a key Senate committee moved Wednesday to protect long-standing priorities of the nation’s space program from the potential upheaval of an incoming administration.

Members of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed a bipartisan bill authorizing $19.5 billion to continue work on a Mars mission and efforts to send astronauts on private rockets to the International Space Station from U.S. soil — regardless of shifting political winds.

Lawmakers haven't forgotten that President Obama, shortly after taking office, scrapped the Bush administration’s Constellation program that sought to send astronauts back to the moon. Many members of Congress felt stung by the cancellation and angry that Obama hadn't consulted them.

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Sea Rescue Heroes To Be Honored At Capitol Hill Ceremony

Published by: American Security Council Foundation ASCF

NORFOLK, Va., Sept. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary member, a cruise ship crew and the crew of a maritime academy training ship will be formally recognized at the annual Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) awards ceremony and reception in Washington D.C.

Petty Officer Benjamin Cournia, a helicopter rescue swimmer who will receive the Vice Admiral Thomas Sargent III Gold Medal, saved 12 lives after the crew of a commercial ship had to abandon their sinking vessel during a hurricane in the Caribbean. Auxiliarist Patrick Porter saved two lives during a regatta that included more than 35,000 people on a six-mile stretch of the Colorado River. The crew of the Holland America cruise ship Veendam saved the life of a civilian pilot who ditched his aircraft hundreds of miles from Hawaii. The crew of the Maine Maritime Academy training ship State of Maine saved a mariner whose boat was taking on water more than 500 miles from the coast of Halifax, Canada.

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A Credibility Crisis

Published by: Alan W. Dowd, ASCF Senior Fellow and Dr. Henry A. Fischer, ASCF President & CEO



If the Bush presidency reminded the American people of the costs of engagement, the Obama presidency has reminded them of the costs of disengagement—costs that are just as significant and perhaps more lasting in the damage done.


Whether Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a front in the war on terror (as President George W. Bush and CongressPresident Bill Clinton and his defense secretary, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair concluded) or to be avoided as a “dumb…rash war” (as President Barack Obama concluded), Iraq undeniably is a central front in the war on terror today. The reason: Obama’s shortsighted decision to withdraw from Iraq in 2011. “Bush got in too deep,” as David Rothkopf observes in his book National Insecurity. “Obama got out too quickly.”

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National TV Ad Campaign Features Local Sheriffs Urging End to Open Borders

Published by: American Security Council Foundation ASCF

“This ad campaign brings the perspective of law enforcement professionals who see firsthand the impact that uncontrolled immigration, sanctuary cities and criminal aliens have on our citizens and communities.”

- Dan Stein, President of FAIR


August 29, 2016, Washington, D.C. – A multi-week TV ad campaign featuring local sheriffs warning of the dangers posed by uncontrolled immigration and urging Congress and the president to enforce federal immigration laws was launched today. The ads, sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), will air more than 40 times nationally and in key markets in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

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